Monday, October 8, 2012

The Elliot Family- Fall 2012

A great session this weekend with the Elliott Family. Jacob fresh from Hockey in Sarnia-thanks for your patience. Ben, your rock buddy, you ran the show. Pam, Karl thanks for the opportunity!

Friday, October 5, 2012

A little of something a lot of nothing

Hello again!
I'm not an early morning kind of guy, but sometimes it feels great to be up early to see the sun come up.
For this shot, Nicholas had a 7:30 am Hockey Game at Glenn Cairn arena, so lucky for me to be there to see this simple shot, mind you, half asleep, but still....

Here's a tip; when shooting these types of scenes when the sky looks pretty cool, add a sliver of land and leave the majority of the shot for the sky i.e.; "a little of something a lot of nothing" usually balances it self out and compositionally looks good too.



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Location, the clients needs and the final product

Location Photos are a lot of fun. I have been fortunate enough to have seen some really cool places around here, places I didn't even know existed. Places, that, to my clients are very special.

But when we shoot on location, quite often we can lose site of the fact as to why we are there. The short answer is to incorporate the surroundings into the shot. Which means, we don't want to crop in tight.

Another thing to think about is the final product.
When I get booked for a session, I always include an in home consultation. 
During this consultation at the clients home, we discuss where they would like the image. 
When this is determined, I physically measure the space and come up with an approximate size for the final image. 
This is really important because we are created a piece that fits the exact space, not the other way around (having a finished image, and trying to find a place for it.)
Lastly, we determine the finishing options; Framing, Canvas wrap or Float mount.

This image here has the couple looking relatively small in the frame. But we felt it was important to include the surroundings. 
As well, we knew the end result was going to be a Float mounted image sized 28"x 5ft!   Making the couple a good size that we can clearly see them in the final image!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Discovering new places to shoot is a lot of fun!

I love scouting out new locations for Photo Shoots. Here are a few that haven't been used yet in any sessions, but could be for you!
These are all in London, easy to access.
I have already been emailed about potential bookings at these locations, so I guess people are as excited about them as I am! Obviously, colour or B&W can be done, as well, rectangle crop and with and without borders.

Notice the Borders and square format? I loved it a lot in the early days of shooting, and am getting back into it again!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The kids of SummerSide- Summer 2012

The kids of SummerSide- Summer 2012

Lianne and Dave's Wedding

Lianne and Dave's Wedding....they were great to work for!


2 photo ideas, one family...

Hey All,
Well the Raposo Family portrait was done recently, thought you'd enjoy seeing it.
 (Yes I shot it my self too)


Friday, June 1, 2012

The Fashion Cartelle

Nada Iannialice- a great Designer right here in London! A Catalogue shoot with Penny Rumming Model

Saffron Road Shoot

A great shoot for Saffron Road on London's Richmond Row. Thanks to Deb Trotechaud, the Models and the Saffron Staff- they were great!