Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Location, the clients needs and the final product

Location Photos are a lot of fun. I have been fortunate enough to have seen some really cool places around here, places I didn't even know existed. Places, that, to my clients are very special.

But when we shoot on location, quite often we can lose site of the fact as to why we are there. The short answer is to incorporate the surroundings into the shot. Which means, we don't want to crop in tight.

Another thing to think about is the final product.
When I get booked for a session, I always include an in home consultation. 
During this consultation at the clients home, we discuss where they would like the image. 
When this is determined, I physically measure the space and come up with an approximate size for the final image. 
This is really important because we are created a piece that fits the exact space, not the other way around (having a finished image, and trying to find a place for it.)
Lastly, we determine the finishing options; Framing, Canvas wrap or Float mount.

This image here has the couple looking relatively small in the frame. But we felt it was important to include the surroundings. 
As well, we knew the end result was going to be a Float mounted image sized 28"x 5ft!   Making the couple a good size that we can clearly see them in the final image!

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